Is Alpha Network a Scam Or Legitimate?

In this Alpha Network review we will check the legitimacy of Alpha Network company if it is legit or just a scam.

Is Alpha Network a Scam? The Short answer it is not scam.  

What is Alpha Network?

Alpha Network is a project that aims to become a new cryptocurrency with a limited supply of only 500,000,000 Alpha coins that you can currently receive for free by simply pressing a button within the Alpha Network app once per day. The Alpha Network project and the Alpha Network app launched in early 2021 and so far has to provide any proof that the project is actually legit and that Alpha Coins will someday eventually turn into a real cryptocurrency and have value.

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At the time of recording this “Alpha Network Review – Legit or Waste of Time?” video, the Alpha Network white paper does not provide any detailed information as to how the team behind Alpha Network actually plans to achieve that goal, and as a first impression, it’s likely that Alpha Network is not a legit project.

Besides the downsides of introducing a fixed/limited supply of Alpha coins while the app still is only available on Android and iOS users are left behind one of the main reasons why I personally think that the Alpha Network project doesn’t have a bright future ahead, is the lack of information about which Blockchain Alpha Network plans to use for their Alpha coins, combined with vague statements about “Virtual Mining Nodes” that, according to the white-paper, are running for users mining session, which just doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway, the real question users have to ask themselves would be “What do you have to lose?” and the answer to that is, not much besides a few seconds of your time per day. The Alpha Network app does not require extensive permissions and even if the project would fail users would only have lost a few seconds of their time.

On the off-chance that Alpha Network, however, turns into a serious project, I for one would rather regret wasting a few seconds of my time, than realizing that I was wrong and missed out on a potentially great opportunity to receive Alpha Coins for free right now.

Alpha Network Review 2021- Legit or Waste of Time?

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