Here is a way on how to solve ads not showing on brave browse? |100 % working | Get 8x more BAT tokens on Brave

1. Turn Ads option Off and On. (For PC try turning off Rewards option too.)

2. Try turning airplane mode On and Off.

3. Restart your device.

4. Make sure you have more than 3 tabs open in your browser.

5. Keep the app in the background (Lock it if you have that option).

  • To prevent the system from killing the app make sure Autostart is enabled and Battery Optimization is disabled for Brave Browser.

6. Make sure you have “Show Ads when Brave is not in use” option is enabled. (Settings > under Privacy section – Brave Rewards > First option.)

7. You can keep Brave Browser in the foreground when leaving the phone alone or in charging.

8. Make sure to open a browser for at least 3 times a day so that the Browser will take you as an active user, also refresh all those tabs.

  • If you do not receive ads for one day or two then it’s fine, usually happens with me too. Sometimes it increases up to 3 days so always be patient.
  • I have experimented on VIVO S1 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, ASUS TUF GAMING (Laptop), ASUS Vivobook S15 (Laptop), Xiaomi Note 5 Pro, Google Pixel, Xiaomi Mi Max/Prime, VIVO V7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9, VIVO V5 Plus, Lenovo C200 (Computer), Galaxy S4, Galaxy J7, Xiaomi K20/Pro, RedMagic 3, OnePlus 3.

(I have not tested it on any iOS device, any one of you does then please give us feedback.)

  • One more thing I do not spend hours on Brave Browser still I receive ads and I’m from India.

Risky method :-

This method will 90% work and many people using it so thought to add it here.

Use VPN (Android 135 and iOS 26)

Connect to United States – New York or any other states.

Once connected to VPN, exit from your browser and reopen it and use it for few minutes you should start seeing ads.

Before using this method please visit this thread if is there any statement by admins saying this method is illigal then do not use it!

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