Dogecoin can be a good investment. It’s transfer speed is much faster than bitcoin. The community is strong as many Dogecoin users are in it to have fun. And because the mining period is over, you don’t need to worry about hyperinflation like other cryptocurrency coins.

Currently, if you were to invest in $100 worth of Dogecoin you would get ~1800 Dogecoin since each share is approximately 0.055. There’s a lot of hype going on that Dogecoin might go to $1.00, and if that were the case, then you would make approximately $1820, which in profit would be $1720.

It’s expected that Dogecoin will do better than other peer altcoins by 2030 because of its previous activities and capability. There are even partnerships and integrations expected before that time, which will lead to wider user adoption.

Thus, the price prediction estimates that Dogecoin will get to $0.2 by 2030. _____ Do you think it’s worth it to save Dogecoin? Feel free to let us know below! Also, if this video helpful to you, don’t hesitate to leave a like, and hit that subscribes button for more high-quality content!

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